Basic questions about the book “My way to happiness”

    Dear supporters of Karel Gott, thank you for the beautiful responses to the report on the publication of the book “My way to happiness”. We really appreciate your support and interest. In this way, we want to answer the most common questions you have about autobiography. Karel Gott Agency

    How can the book be ordered now?
    Karel Gott’s Autobiography My Journey to Happiness is officially published in the Czech Republic on July 14 and July 20 in Slovakia, yet you can already order it in many online and brick-and-mortar stores in advance. Just ask your bookseller or look on the internet.

    Will it be possible to order the book in other countries outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
    Yes, you can also have Karel Gott’s autobiography My Journey for Happiness delivered abroad. Several online booksellers currently provide this option.

    What is the price of the book?
    The recommended retail price of Karel Gott’s autobiography My Journey to Happiness is CZK 1,229 in the Czech Republic and EUR 49.99 in Slovakia. The book is very narrative, has almost 700 pages, contains almost 1,800 photographs and other images and documents, many of which have not yet been published.


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