Karel Gott’s autobiography will be published in July

    The long-awaited unique autobiography of the greatest legend of the Czech and Czechoslovak music scene of all time will be published in mid-July. In the Czech Republic, those interested will be able to buy the book for the first time on July 14, and in Slovakia on July 20. But it is already on sale at many retailers.

    The publication contains about 1800 photographs and other pictorial and documentary materials, many of which have not yet been published.

    Karel Gott completed the book during his lifetime and also worked intensively on visual documentation until the last days. He talks openly about his privacy, daughters, marriage, but also about things that have so far been shrouded in secrecy for various reasons. His memories date back to his earliest childhood, he tells about his parents and extended family, about his school years, his friends and personal hobbies, which already included painting in his boyhood. He is self-critical and extremely sincere in his inventory of fate, especially in the final chapters, in which he describes the difficult period of the struggle with the insidious disease.

    Readers will thus get a comprehensive, in many ways captivating picture of the fateful rise of an exceptional personality who, thanks to innate talent, unique voice, immense diligence, diligence, honesty, decency and personal commitment, gave the audience beauty, joy and self to the very end. pilgrimage of life.

    Samples from the book and current information can be found on the official Facebook and Instagram profile @karelgottagency.


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