The documentary Karel will reach the audience on October 7

    The feature-length documentary Karel about Karel Gott goes to cinemas on October 7, director Olga Malířová Špátová publishes a sample a week before the premiere. Symbolically at a time when family and friends commemorate two years since the singer’s death.

    Karel Gott drinks “to life” in a demonstration, the shots of which were taken in the summer of 2019 in Gott’s favorite Doubice, where he had a cottage. The legendary singer happily sings at them while driving around the village, then welcomes his long-time collaborator Pavel Větrovec and they drink red wine together. “The show is cheerful and joyful, as Karel Gott himself was, as I remember him, and as I hope is the resulting film, Karel. That’s what he wanted, ” says director Olga Malířová Špátová .

    However, the published footage did not fit into the final form of the film at the last minute, so viewers will not see it in cinemas. “For me personally, the film Karel has seven hours,” says the director, who shot the last year of his life with Karel Gott. ” So long was the first cut, where there was everything I wanted to say about Karl. However, this is not possible with the film in cinemas, which is why we had to shorten it further with editor Šárka Sklenářová, until we came to a moment when we could not cut anything else. The film still had over two hours, ” recalls the director . Eventually, the filmmakers had to start discarding the shots they had originally planned for the film. One such moment is the published sample. ” The editing of the film was a time when the joy of work and the sadness of having to regret some shots and scenes were strangely mixed. We were often not far from tears, ” adds the director.

    All multiplex cinemas in the Czech Republic and a number of traditional single-screen cinemas have already started pre-sale for the film Karel. Although there is a week left until the premiere, the halls are filling up and some cinemas are even sold out for the first screenings. ” A lot of filmmakers tell us that pre-sales and reservations for Karel are better than they were in the case of the latest Bond” No Time to Die ” ,” says Ondřej Kulhánek from Bontonfilm, who presents the film in cinemas. “We don’t want to go to the races in attendance, but we are glad that people are interested in the film and want to remember Karel Gott,” adds Kulhánek.

    Sample from the film Karel
    Report from the film’s preview


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