Video for the film Karel for the song Go for Happiness

    It will also show shots that did not fit in the image

    The new measures of the Government of the Czech Republic in the fight against the epidemic include, among other things, the closure of cinemas for at least two weeks, starting on Monday, October 12. The premiere of the expected documentary KAREL by director Olga Malířová Špátová and its release in cinemas must therefore be postponed. It is not possible to set a new premiere date at this time.

    Waiting for the film, which will bring Karel Gott’s personality in a unique way, can make the legend of the legendary singer more enjoyable with the video for the new version of “Go for Happiness”. Czech Radio under the baton of conductor Jan Kučera.

    “I would like to – together with Supraphon – give a small gift at this difficult time not only to the disappointed potential viewers of the film KAREL, but to all the fans of my late husband. As the film’s premiere and distribution have to be postponed indefinitely due to new epidemiological measures, I decided to please my husband’s fans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and publish a new video with the title song for KAREL – ‘Go for happiness’. It is all the more valuable for me that it is Charles’ last recording from June 2019, when he sang it with the knowledge that it is a song for an emerging film, “says Ivana Gottová.

    At the same time, the video clip directed by Jakub Sommer reveals some shots that the creators had to discard with a heavy heart and which did not fit into the final form of the film in the end.

    “We were sorry that the footage from the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra was not used in the documentary along with many other scenes, so I’m glad that at least some of them were very aptly incorporated into this clip by director Jakub Sommer and editor Šárka Sklenářová. I am grateful that we can lift the spirits of my husband’s fans at least a little at such an uncertain time with the video for the opening song ‘Go for happiness’. I firmly believe that it will be fine again soon, so accept this gift from us and Karel as a hope for better times, “adds Ivana Gottová, producer of the film KAREL.

    Together with the feature film film KAREL, Supraphon also planned to release a unique soundtrack, which also includes a new recording of the song “Go for happiness”. The release of the soundtrack is postponed with the premiere of the film.

    The soundtrack will be released both on 2CD and in digital formats on the day of the postponed film premiere. Pre-orders of the soundtrack on and remain valid. Of course, the album can still be pre-ordered in digital and physical form, orders will be shipped on the newly determined release date.


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